Aviv Analytical is dedicated to the development, sales and support of innovative GC, GC-MS and LC-MS technologies and products.
Aviv Analytical is particularly focused and committed to the development of mass spectrometry with supersonic molecular beams (SMB) with emphasis on GC-MS with SMB (GC-MS with Cold EI), its enhancement technologies, practical applications and unique method development.
We are proud to offer the Aviv Analytical 5975-SMB  and 5977-SMB GC-MS with Cold EI which bring a major revolution into GC-MS.

Our goal is to provide working solutions for the most challenging analytical problems, which could bring you competitive advantages. Thus, please let us know about your tough GC-MS requirements and send us your sample.

Options and enhancements technologies for the 5975-SMB GC-MS with Cold EI can be added or sold separately also for standard GC and/or GC-MS. These Aviv Analytical products and advanced technologies include the ChromatoProbe, SnifProbe, Tal-Aviv Molecule Identifier (TAMI) software, Aviv Analytical Fast GC, Open Probe Fast GC-MS for fast (touch and push) MS analyses, Pulsed Flow Modulation GCxGC-MS with Cold EI and Electron Ionization LC-MS with SMB. We shall be happy to consider any additional custom supersonic molecular beam based feature, method development, project, device or research.

Aviv Analytical is a company with over 32 years experience of its team in all aspects of mass spectrometry (MS) with supersonic molecular beams (SMB).
Please share with us your specific needs and let us explore together the optimal SMB solution. For more details please contact us at and ask for a recent review article and/or power point presentation on GC-MS with Cold EI.
GC-MS with Cold EI

5975-SMB GC-MS with Cold EI is the best GC-MS technology for broad range of analysis. Please ask us to explain and demonstrate it to you.
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TAMI - Molecule Identification

The TAMI software vastly improves the identification of your GC-MS analytes. It connects with your system's native data-analysis software and with NIST Search to provide a comprehensive identification tool. TAMI brings the value of high resolution MS into your single quads GC-MS.
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Open Probe Fast GC-MS

The Open Probe Fast GC-MS is a revolutionary new technology that combines real time analysis with chromatographic separation and library based identification while using your low cost MS of GC-MS.
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Universal probe that serves as an effective MS probe, intra injector thermal desorption, extract free dirty sample analysis and for SnifProbe sample introduction.
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