Aviv Analytical is dedicated to the development, know-how transfer and licensing of innovative GC, GC-MS and LC-MS technologies and products.

Aviv Analytical is proud about its development of GC-MS with Cold EI which is the best GC-MS technology, Electron Ionization LC-MS with Cold EI and their enhancement technologies and applications.
Aviv Analytical is similarly dedicated for offering worldwide service analysis utilizing our GC-MS with Cold-EI technology that enhances molecular ions and significantly extends the range of compounds and applications amenable for GC-MS analysis plus utilizing our TAMI software for the provision of elemental formula for further enhanced identification.

Aviv Analytical is proud to offer its clients the TAMI software. TAMI provides elemental formula from unit resolution quadrupole based GC-MS and/or LC-MS with an accuracy equivalent to <1ppm TOF-MS.

Aviv Analytical's products and technologies include: GC-MS with Cold EI, TAMI software, ChromatoProbe sample introduction device, SnifProbe, Aviv Analytical's Fast GC, Open Probe Fast GC-MS for real time analysis with separation, Pulsed Flow Modulation GCxGC-MS with Cold EI and Electron Ionization LC-MS with Cold EI.

We shall be happy to collaborate with analytical instruments companies on any of these technologies

Aviv Analytical's team led by the company's CEO, Prof. Aviv Amirav, has a long history of innovative development of technologies and vast knowledge in the field of chemistry and analytical chemistry with over 40 years of experience in all aspects of mass spectrometry and chromatography.
Please share with us your specific needs and challenging applications and let us explore together the optimal analytical solution. We shall be happy to offer you our service analysis with our GC-MS with Cold EI

Contact us at and we shall be happy to send you at your request a recent review article and/or power point presentation and/or a recent book on GC-MS with Cold EI or on any other technology above.

GC-MS with Cold EI

5977-SMB GC-MS with Cold EI is the best GC-MS technology for broad range of analysis. Please ask us to explain and demonstrate it to you.
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TAMI - Molecule Identification

The TAMI software provides elemental formula information from your quadrupole GC-MS (or LC-MS). Thus, TAMI brings the value of high resolution MS into your single quads GC-MS or LC-MS.
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Open Probe Fast GC-MS

The Open Probe Fast GC-MS is a revolutionary new technology that combines real time analysis with separation and library based identification while using your low cost MS of GC-MS.
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Electron Ionization LC-MS

Aviv Analytical Electron Ionization LC-MS with Cold EI converts a standard Agilent 5977 MSD into Electron Ionization LC-MS with Supersonic Molecular Beams (SMB) (Cold EI). It brings library identification and uniform response including for non-polars into LC-MS.
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