Tal-Aviv Molecule Identifier (TAMI)

Get TAMI to obtain elemental formulae from your quadrupole based GC-MS data and improve the confidence level in your sample identification

TAMI (Tal-Aviv Molecule Identifier) is an easy to use yet powerful sample identification software. TAMI generates elemental formulae for your sample compounds using several independent parameters such as the measured masses and molecular ions isotopomeric distributions. As a result, TAMI upgrades the sample identification capabilities of quadrupole based GC-MS to be equivalent or superior to those of GC-MS with high resolution accurate mass time of flight MS.

TAMI includes a post-run mass calibration tool that automatically improves the quadrupole based measured mass accuracies to below 100 ppm. This feature further increases the identification probabilities that are calculated by TAMI based on the measured isotope distribution patterns.

TAMI also automatically links with the NIST MS Library to confirm or reject its identification results thereby significantly enhancing the confidence level in the NIST library identification.

TAMI Version 4 Main Screen

TAMI is automatically launched when a spectrum is analyzed and can be configured to analyze the data automatically with zero mouse clicks. Only a few additional clicks are required to launch other analysis tools.

After every analysis, TAMI provides additional information such as elemental statistics and recommendations and it includes additional analysis tools, allowing the identification of fragment (product) ions, and the determination of isotopic enrichment.

Here is a short video demonstrating TAMI's basic operation. Must be viewed in full screen and high resolution:

TAMI is highly useful in combination with standard single quadrupole based GC-MS such as the Thermo ISQ or the Agilent 5975/7, providing the highest confidence level in the identification of your sample compounds.

TAMI excels in sample identification via GC-MS mass spectra, and is constantly being improved in terms of performance and new features. One such feature is the ability to minimize the TAMI data output window as shown below and seamlessly integrate it with the NIST search window.

TAMI minimized results screen

In comparison with accurate mass and other alternatives TAMI possesses the following major advantages:
  • Provides elemental formulae for unknown compounds with your quadrupole GC-MS data, the same as with expensive high resolution accurate mass instruments.
  • Operates with standard centroid data files hence it does not require data collection in profile mode, which generates x10 bigger files. Consequently, TAMI can also be used to analyze old data files that you have already acquired.
  • TAMI is operated with the original vendor's data analysis software such as the Thermo XCalibur and Chromeleon or Agilent Chemstation and MassHunter.
  • TAMI is very easy to use, zero clicks NIST confirmation or rejection and/or one click for the provision of elemental formula.
  • Links with the NIST MS library, which is the industry standard identification method:
    • The combination of TAMI with NIST library significantly improves the identification confidence level by confirming or rejecting the library identification results using independent Isotope Abundance information.
    • TAMI-NIST identification probability is much higher than that of accurate mass alternatives for compounds that are in the library database.
    • TAMI-NIST identification process results in sample molecule identification with its true chemical names and structures and not just elemental formulas.
    • TAMI-NIST uniquely provides isomer identification from MS fragments, while the isotope abundance increases the probability of a correct elemental formula of that isomer. None of the available accurate mass methods and systems provide any isomer information.
  • TAMI is far less expensive than any available alternative.

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    Additional Information

    A publication on the basis of the TAMI method and software: Tal Alon and Aviv Amirav "Isotope Abundance Analysis Method and Software for Improved Sample Identification with the Supersonic GC-MS” Rapid Commun. Mass Spectrom. 20, 2579-2588 (2006).
    Please contact us in order to receive the TAMI flyer, tutorial and/or manual, and have a closer look on its different features.

    We shall be happy to explore together the utilization and applicability of the TAMI software for the analysis of your sample compounds. You can analyze them with the free TAMI download as above. You can also email us your mass chromatogram file and for our advise on the best use of TAMI with it.

    We trust that you will find the TAMI software a powerful, reliable and easy to use tool for the significant improvement of your sample identification capabilities.